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Shopzilla Feed Updates

July 03, 2012

  Shopzilla recently announced an enhancement with the way you submit feeds. It means that Shopzilla feeds will be processed faster and with more frequency. Using the new process merchants will also be able to to submit their Google Shopping feeds. Shopzilla are currently updating the specifications for their feeds and will soon go live. […]

Google Trusted Stores

June 28, 2012

Google has been working on helping the reputation of online stores. They’re doing this with the introduction of it’s free Google Trusted Stores Program service. Shopping online is a great tool, used by millions of people around the world for it’s convenience and speed, enabling people to turn their desire to purchase an item into […]

Google Required UPCs & MPNs

June 26, 2012

You may or may not know that Google Product Search currently demands that you include unique identifiers, for example UPC (Universal Product Code), MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), brand name for every product except apparel and custom made products as well as ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for books. If you don’t include this information then […]

No More Free Google Products

June 19, 2012

No More Free Google Products Google recently confirmed that it’s free Google Product Search (GPS) program will be coming to an end and that in its place they will be putting Google Shopping. This is a place for merchants to pay for their products to be listed. Previously there was 2 separate locations for Product […]

TheFind – It’s Social Shopping Tool

June 12, 2012

TheFind has a Social Shopping tool. How can this tool help with your E-Commerce efforts? Shopping has long been seen as a social activity for many people. Shoppers arrange to meet their friends on the local high-street for some retail therapy, going from shop to shop, trying on different clothes, getting their friend’s opinions on […]

Google Product Search Changes – Are you affected?

June 07, 2012

There are some more Google Product Search Changes. It is important for E-commerce sites that use Google Product Search to list their products, to familiarise themselves with the following information. Google Product Search Changes As of September 22nd lastyear, a number of updates to the feed formatting and policies were implemented. Google announced that it […]

4 Tips for Google Product Search

June 05, 2012

Google started enforcing its new Google Product Search Feed Specification and Policies as of the 22nd September 2011. These changes affected all merchants. Overall these changes are good, as Merchants will need to ensure that they include accurate product information within their data feed, which will in turn ensure online consumers find the right products […]

Google To Enforce Shipping Information

March 05, 2012

As we all know Google has been updating and becoming stricter, with the quality of the data feeds being submitted to Google Product Search. Feed Platform has recently been advised that Google will soon be enforcing the shipping information requirement for items being submitted to Google Product Search. Shipping Information and Guidelines Items that are […]

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