Shopping Engines

What are Comparison Shopping Engines

May 23, 2017

Comparison Shopping Engines are interchangeably called Shopping Search Engines, CSEs or shopping feeds. The clue here is really in the name with comparison shopping engines comparing prices on products that have been searched for from different stores. What are Comparison Shopping Engines They take the keyword searched for and then display a list of similar […]

Email Deliverability

How to Improve Email Deliverability

April 20, 2017

Email Deliverability is often overlooked. It is important to make sure that emails arrive at their intended destination. There are several measures one could take to make sure their emails don’t get lost. Steps to improve your Email Deliverability Firstly, Multi-part emails A major issue with most modern email providers such as Google Mail. Large […]

Why People Prefer Online Shopping

April 18, 2017

Online shopping is an ever growing avenue for online business. Here are some reasons why people prefer it: 1. Reasons people prefer online shopping Convenience Better Prices Variety Less Expenses Comparison of Prices No Crowds Compulsive Shopping Discreet Purchasing 2. Pricing A weatherproof jacket sold at Macys was priced as follows: Online – $69.99 In […]


Getting the Most Out of UTM Tagging

April 11, 2017

UTM tagging is a process that can sometimes be overlooked. Here are some quick steps to make sure you don’t fall to this common oversight. Making Most of UTM Tagging Be Creative Include tags on shortened links Reward staff who generate the most leads Use Google’s Default Suggestions Use Google’s “Default Channel Groupings” for maximum […]

Google Feed

How to Optimize Your Google Feed Data

April 04, 2017

So you have your Google feed set-up but what next? How do you make sure that people will see your feed in search results and once people land on your site how do you encourage people to buy your products? Below are 3 quick tips. 3 Quick Tips for your Google Feed Keyword Density Keyword […]

Amazon Retailing

Amazon Retailing – Some Top Tips

March 30, 2017

Amazon Retailing can at first seem like a daunting task. Today, the focus is on retailers utilising Amazon as a crucial aspect of their e-commerce strategy. It’s important that retailers understand fully what they can, and can’t expect from their relationship with Amazon: Amazon Retailing Tips Don’t rip off or mislead the customers! This should […]

Amazon vs Ebay

Amazon vs Ebay: The Age Old Question

March 28, 2017

Amazon vs Ebay is a debate which is as old as E-Commerce. Today Amazon and eBay are massive markets in the world of online sales and thousands of businesses are taking advantages of the visibility these offer. It is however to stand out in the crowd with most of the products being sold being identical. […]

Generating Worldwide Sales Opportunities

March 23, 2017

Generating Worldwide Sales Opportunities UK retailers in the last years have started to see success in their international sales simply by targeting the overseas markets. There are many reasons why stores online should try to branch out and improve their global presence to generate sales opportunities. Generating Sales Opportunities There are massive, hugely popular market […]

E-Commerce Technology

The Emergence Of E-Commerce Technology

March 21, 2017

A very interesting study done by audience measurement company Quantcast Corp. and Internet marketing research firm infoAnalytica Consulting Pvt Ltd has shown that Magento and Yahoo lead the way when it comes to e-commerce technology firms. The State of E-Commerce Technology Magento, which is a sub-division of ebay hosts 12% of the top 1,000,000 e-commerce […]

Be Smarter Online

Online Shopping: Be Smarter and Safer

March 16, 2017

Online Shopping is an ever growing thing. Taken a Google Commerce blog recently we will be providing merchants and users with some advice on shopping smarter and more securely. Shop Smarter Online Protect your Google Account It doesn’t matter if you’re buying an amazing book on Google Play or using your Google Wallet phone to […]

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