HTTP 404 Status Code

Important HTTP Status Codes and what they mean

April 23, 2018

HTTP status codes are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. They are typically used by hosts to provide clients about their successful/unsuccessful requests. HTTP Status Codes 200 – OK The standard server response for when a HTTP request is successful. 204 – No Content The request was successful, however no content was returned. 301 […]

emails and spam

Words That Trigger Spam Filters in Emails

April 16, 2018

Spam is an issue that continues to grow with the internet. With the growth of the internet also comes the growth of online malicious activity. Email providers and Internet Service Providers have taken great length when it comes to filtering data received by the user. This is to protect them from things such as phishing, […]

E-Commerce Site Tips for Page Speed

June 08, 2017

Today we will be provide site tips to improve page speed. E-commerce sites absolutely need to be optimised for speed… So many studies have been conducted and show that page speed and load times are one of the biggest factors in a customer leaving your site before purchasing. With this in mind, here at FeedPlatform […]

Google Announcing their Centralized Analytics

June 06, 2017

Google have recently published a blog announcing their Centralized Analytics. These boast to help gauge whether your marketing efforts are working. Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 Tag Manager makes it easier to manage tags for websites. It is a very powerful tool when you are not directed access to the website code. This […]

How To Fix Failed “Import from Store”?

June 01, 2017

A failed “Import from Store” is a common issue with failed feeds that can be easily fixed. Here are some simple steps to troubleshooting. Common issues with lead to a failed Import From Store Check permissions on bridge Files This error means that you have set the incorrect permissions for the bridge file (updater.php). Please […]

Create Data Feed

How to Create a Data Feed for FeedPlatform

May 30, 2017

Creating a Data Feed with FeedPlatform is very easy. Here are 5 easy steps on how to create a data feed using this template – download a sample data feed. How to Create a Data Feed for FeedPlatform? Step 1: Open the template above. Do not change the header information in the template. Step 2: Create […]

AdWords Labels

You Must Use AdWords Labels! Here is why!

May 25, 2017

If you aren’t already using AdWords labels in your Product Listing Ads then why not? Labels are used for sectionalising your data, and below are a couple of reasons why you should be using these. Test, Test, Test Labels give you a great chance to test the ad groups that you are running and at […]

Shopping Engines

What are Comparison Shopping Engines

May 23, 2017

Comparison Shopping Engines are interchangeably called Shopping Search Engines, CSEs or shopping feeds. The clue here is really in the name with comparison shopping engines comparing prices on products that have been searched for from different stores. What are Comparison Shopping Engines They take the keyword searched for and then display a list of similar […]

Email Deliverability

How to Improve Email Deliverability

April 20, 2017

Email Deliverability is often overlooked. It is important to make sure that emails arrive at their intended destination. There are several measures one could take to make sure their emails don’t get lost. Steps to improve your Email Deliverability Firstly, Multi-part emails A major issue with most modern email providers such as Google Mail. Large […]

Why People Prefer Online Shopping

April 18, 2017

Online shopping is an ever growing avenue for online business. Here are some reasons why people prefer it: 1. Reasons people prefer online shopping Convenience Better Prices Variety Less Expenses Comparison of Prices No Crowds Compulsive Shopping Discreet Purchasing 2. Pricing A weatherproof jacket sold at Macys was priced as follows: Online – $69.99 In […]

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