How To Submit Products to

Please follow these steps to list your products on the Network:
  • Sign up and create a Merchant Account at
  • Once you have registered, please, Log into your account, select CPC Program then click Add Your Products.
  • On the next step select Auto upload method to submit product feed.

  • On this step you should select option I have a feed file AND a link (URL) to it and specify URL to your feed on FeedPlatform. Then click Continue to go further.

  • This step allows to review conversion of your feed file columns to columns in the database. A green row means that a matching column was found.  A yellow row means that found a close match or no match at all. If you find an incorrect match, select the correct match from the menu. When you finish, click Continue.

        Now Your products are successfully scheduled to list on the network.

  • On the next step you should click Fund your account, select payment method and specify prepayment amount (£100.00 minimum)
    The entire prepayment amount will be applied to the leads you receive from the network.

    Once you complete it, your product listings will be launched across the Network from a few days to a week.
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