Step 4. Setup Category Matching

Each Target System has its own categorization. Category Matching allows you to categorize your products into the most relevant category and subcategory of the particular Target System.


The following options are available for Category Matching:

Match store categories automatically

You can automatically match most of categories using Auto Match feature. Simply select Match store categories automatically and click on « Next: Generate Feed » to start the process.
Automated matching takes some time (up to several hours) and is done without human interaction (on background), there’s no need to have browser window open. You will be notified via e-mail once it is done.

Match store categories manually

You can instantly find the right categories using quick search function or you can select appropriate category from Category Tree (use Show Category Tree button).

Please setup category matching between each Store Category <=> Master Category <=> Target Feed Category.


Note: Matching Store Categories to Master Categories is performed only one time. FeedPlatform will match automatically all Target Feeds where Master Category to Target Feed Category connection is setup. Products from categories that are not matched will not be exported to target feed.

Once Category Matching is setup, please click on “Next: Generate Feed” to proceed to the next step.

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