How Do You Help Guarantee Sales?

Of course its impossible to guarantee a 100% sales rate. It’s only a good target to aim for. Unfortunately, simply having quality traffic on it’s own is not enough to guarantee that. You will get increased sales. There are steps you can take to ensure that your quality traffic will increase sales.

Maximizing Sales

The traffic that you will get from product data feeds is generally of a higher quality. What happens once this traffic arrives at your website? This is where you need to be in a position to convert the high quality traffic to sales.

Below is a brief list of things you must ensure that your website is or has for your high quality incoming traffic:

– Professional look and feel.

A professional looking and feeling website will help your consumers to trust your business. Unfortunately, the phrase don’t judge a book by it’s cover is never really held to when handing over hard-earned cash. A shabby or un-professional looking website is a guaranteed way of making your high quality traffic leave and go somewhere else.

– Easy to navigate.

Always, always, always make navigation easy for your consumers. If you make it impossible for them to find what it is you want them to find then chances are they will get bored or frustrated and leave pretty quickly for one of your competitors who make it easy for them to buy the products they are looking for.

– Make them comfortable.

This follows on from the first point about making your site look professional. Make sure you display lots of trust factors, like SSL certificate information, Google Trusted Partner badges, customer testimonials, business names, addresses, phone numbers, privacy policies, information on cookies, secure site information. Basically anything that makes your customers know that you are not going to run off with their money without sending them their product and that you are a business that actually exists, has been used by previous customers and uses their information securely.

– Clearly define your postage costs early on and always declare prices including tax.

There is nothing worse than going through a purchase stream to get to the end only to find out that the price doesn’t include any postage or tax which significantly increase the price and will make people leave pretty quickly. While it may be a good way of enticing people to your website through low prices, its also a good way to make them run for the hills at the crucial point of conversion.

– Never require registration.

Have you ever been forced to register to your local supermarket before you purchase something in their stores? No, so why do it online? It’s just another barrier to people purchasing from your site. You can make it an option, like some supermarkets and high street stores do with bonus cards and schemes but never make it required.

– Include detailed product descriptions, user-reviews, large hi-resolution images, stock availability, obvious calls-to-action.

Each of these are as important as each other.  A consumer can’t physically examine the product as they might in a clothes or electrical store on the high-street so try to give them as much information, visually and textually so that they can really get a feel for it.

We hope that these tips are helpful in turning your high quality traffic into sales. If you would like help setting up your product feed to enable you to gain high quality traffic then why not get in contact with us here at FeedPlatform.

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