How to Create a Data Feed for FeedPlatform

Creating a Data Feed with FeedPlatform is very easy. Here are 5 easy steps on how to create a data feed using this template – download a sample data feed.

How to Create a Data Feed for FeedPlatform?

Step 1: Open the template above. Do not change the header information in the template.

Step 2: Create your template. Note which titles and field are required below.

  • Product ID – (title and data in fields required) – Unique number you use internally to identify this item.
  • Product URL – (title and data in fields required) – Website address for your product detail page such as
  • Title – (title and data in fields required) – Product title description.

  • Category – (title and data in fields required) – This is the category where you want the product included.

  • Price – (title required, no data in fields required) – Price of product – do not include currency symbol.


As an example, the header row should look like this:


Step 3: Enter your item information
In the rows below the header row, enter information about your items. Each item should be listed in a separate row, and its information divided into the appropriate columns. For example, an item’s description should be in the same column as the “description” header.
Create Data Feed

Step 4: Convert your spreadsheet

Once all changes are completed, save the spreadsheet as comma delimited value (.csv) by using the “Save as…” command in the File menu and specifying the format type. Make sure to pick the CSV (Comma delimited) option under “Save as type:


Step 5: Import your data feed to FeedPlatfrom

If you haven’t already signed up for a FeedPlatform account then you can Sign Up here.

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