Top Ten Common E-Commerce Mistakes

E-Commerce Mistakes are not always avoidable. You may have spent weeks or months creating your beautiful new e-commerce site that you think people are going to come to and love buying from, but unfortunately there are many simple mistakes people make that don’t quite turn visits into conversions.

Common E-Commerce Mistakes

The shame for most is that these are completely E-Commerce mistakes are quite avoidable.

Common E-Commerce Mistakes

1. Your product information is not detailed

Dependent upon the products in your inventory this will differ from store to store, but the most important thing for you, your store and your customers is that this is constantly checked and confirmed and that it is as detailed as possible. You don’t want to miss out on a sale just because a user couldn’t find a specified weight of the product which may be important to one person but not another.

2. Your contact information isn’t easily visible

If a customer can’t immediately or at least easily find contact information for your store then the trust between customer and store immediately drops signficantly and can hamper the likeliness to purchase a product from you. They will find it hard to trust a store that has no way of contacting them in case of any issues.

3. Your checkout process is too long and complicated

In a real store, buying a product is generally easy, you take it to the till, you pay your money and you leave. Make it as simple as this online too. Long and confusing forms can make people give up before finalising their transfer. Only ask for vital information for delivery.

4. Don’t force sign up for purchases

Never force users to sign up to your store to purchase, you wouldn’t do this in a real store, so why would you do it online? At the same time, some people like to save their info for next time, so offer it but don’t force it!

5. You don’t have many payment options

Not everyone has PayPal,  not everyone likes PayPal, not everyone trusts PayPal. In a real store you have many options of payment, and none of these are PayPal. Make sure you accept a range of payment options, including VISA, MasterCard etc.

6. Your site isn’t branded correctly

While using store template designs are cheap, easy and useful, not further customising this can be a stumbling block as you don’t really convey your business identity properly, get a developer to customise your templates to fit your brand colours, images, logo etc.

7. Your images aren’t up to scratch

Images can paint a thousand words, so why skimp on your product images on your site. Take as many high quality images of your products and from various angles and in various settings. Give the user as much detail as possible, they can’t physically see it or pick it up like in a store but give them as much as possible.

8. You aren’t using other channels

There is no point hedging all your bets on one interface. Try using eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces to sell your goods. The traffic they get is absolutely huge compared to what your store will ever get.

9. Your site isn’t optimised

Customers are now surfing the web and making purchases more than ever on mobile and tablet devices. Your site must be built responsively to encorporate all these devices correctly. Most store templates these days are built responsively from the get go, so make this one of your requirements.

10. You are not making customers feel as confident as possible

Customers still are a bit wary of online stores for all sorts of security reasons, handing out credit card information etc. Therefore, make it as easy as possible. If you are a trusted Google Store, display your logo. Display your SSL certificate badges on checkout pages to let them know their details are safe. Also, include reviews so people can see that your product has been trusted before.

This concludes our list of common E-Commerce Mistakes, if you liked this please leave us a comment.

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