The Holidays Are Coming – Are You Prepared?

The Holidays Are Coming – Are You Prepared?

The  much expected flood of online shoppers is soon coming… Christmas Holidays is now less than a double handful of weeks away. It’s time to start checking your product data feeds to optimise them for this expected influx.

More than half the population in the US are expected to do their christmas shopping online. Over 38% of the US population making actual purchases. One of the biggest means of online shopping done by users is through comparison shopping. This means you have to have your data feeds 100% ready to compete in this period.

Below are a few guidelines to doing this:

Firstly, Optimise your Product Titles and Descriptions – Think how a user might search for your product and optimise accordingly, removing any marketing jargon and stuff people won’t actually search for.

Secondly, Check your Prices – Competitors will probably alter prices around the Christmas Holidays, with new prices or seasonal deals etc. Keep up to date with your competitors and response or better pre-empt their moves.

Also, Special Offers – In addition to the above, try and introduce some special offers for the Christmas period, whether it’s price cuts, or free shipping etc.

Verify your Image Links – Make sure all your image links are working and that they are the highest possible quality to enable customers to really be able to have a look at your product close up.

Submit to Multiple CSEs – Try submitting your products to multiple CSEs to increase your exposure, this way your products will be seen by more customers and your competitions may be less in certain CSEs.

Although shoppers will probably be spending more this Christmas period than last, shoppers are also getting smarter.

They will carefully select what products they buy and where from.

In addition, consumers will probably have already started at least their research into what they will buy if not have already made a purchase or two, so there is no time to waste. In fact 40% of consumers start their Christmas shopping before Halloween!

If you would like any help optimising your feeds or submitting them to multiple CSEs ready for the Christmas holiday period then why not get in contact with us here at FeedPlatform

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