Should You Give Free Delivery This Christmas?

Should You Give Free Delivery This Christmas?

With shoppers always counting the pennies around holiday time. Offering Free Delivery on products is always a powerful incentive to help win over business.

Free Delivery

Should you or shouldn’t you offer free delivery on your products this Christmas? This is a very important question as we move into December and Christmas gets ever closer.

Free delivery on products is one of the most popular ways that online retailers try to earn custom over the holiday period with almost 90% of retailers claiming they will offer free delivery on at least some of their products during this period.

This may seem a lot smarter than it sounds, as 85% of people say that free shipping is the number one condition they would use by itself to take advantage of.

Let’s take a closer look at the free shopping offers offered by the top 100 and bottom 100 retailers on the e-commerce market today.

64 of the top 1000 retailers have a free delivery offer of some sort, whether it is attached to other offers, such as spending a minimum amount or using a promotional code, and 60 of the bottom 1000 retailers offer free shipping too.

A lot of large retailers are offering free delivery with no strings attached. There is quite a range of offers on free shipping, with some offering free delivery with no minimum spend or promotional code and others, often competitors of these requiring huge minimum spend amounts, as much as £150 in some instances. Of these, a few offer free shipping at all times and not just during the holiday period.

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