Google Announcing their Centralized Analytics

Google have recently published a blog announcing their Centralized Analytics. These boast to help gauge whether your marketing efforts are working.

Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager makes it easier to manage tags for websites. It is a very powerful tool when you are not directed access to the website code. This would be usually granted to marketing agencies who require to do simple tag integration. An agency can do this over a single or network of websites.

Centralized Analytics

When Tag Manager has been implemented, basic Google Analytics tracking can be easily implemented with a few clicks. Tracking such data is always important, if you can’t measure something you can’t improve upon it.

Google Tag Manager vs Hardcoding

It is true that directly integrating your tracking code would give you the most flexible solution. However their are many merits of choosing Tag Manager to integrate your code:

  • Firstly, Grant 3rd Parties access to integrating code.
  • Secondly, Save revisions of your tags.
  • Also, Choose from a variety of template tracking  codes.
  • Easier to keep tracking codes up to date.
  • Create events and actions tailored to specific web activity.
  • Google Partners can request help with their code integration without granting access to website.
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