You Must Use AdWords Labels! Here is why!

If you aren’t already using AdWords labels in your Product Listing Ads then why not? Labels are used for sectionalising your data, and below are a couple of reasons why you should be using these.

Test, Test, Test

Labels give you a great chance to test the ad groups that you are running and at what bids and are therefore helpful for clearly delineating data.

But how do I do it?

Using the diagram below you can get a good idea on who to do this. Basically select your campaign or Ad Group and click the check box next to the campaign name. Once you had done this, choose an AdWords label and create a new one.

AdWords Labels

AdWords Labels

Track your changes

Labels are very good at enabling you track all the changes you make inside your Adwords Login. If you’ve ever made a change to an ad group in the past, you will be able to go back and take a look at what was changed, when and if you should re-change them.

In order to view this data, simply go to the tab labelled Dimensions and select View > Labels

AdWords Labels Allow You to Log All of Your Changes

AdWords labels make it much easier to be able to view changes in the campaign you’re working with using AdWords labels.

Adding Dates to Your AdWords Labels

AdWords labels allow you to instantly know when changes happen, and you can easily alter the date range to compare before and after results.

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