Why FeedPlatform


Creating your data feed to the different specifications of multiple distribution channels is a burden on resources for many companies.  You need to know how often to send your data feeds, keep up to date with the changing data feed requirements, the differing fees of channels utilised and then implement and manage your data feed strategy – This can all be very daunting!!

FeedPlatform enables companies to simplify this process by allowing you to efficiently manage and optimise your feeds from one platform with tools specifically designed to increase your ROI.

Cost Effective

FeedPlatform gives you the power to manage and optimise your feeds with advanced tools to save you valuable time and money.  Submit to over 60 + distribution channels with a low month to month subscription based on your needs.  FeedPlatform’s full reporting suite allows you to analyse the performance of all of your feeds and streamline their performance with optimisation rules and more.


The FeedPlatform team have been in the online technology and marketing industry for over 15 years, have been at the forefront of the Internet and involved in online since its conception and are some of the first people to enter the Search Landscape in Europe. The team maintains an active and hands on approach with the strategic direction of client digital activities and projects.

Having an experienced team to rely upon means you are able to quickly and efficiently expand your offerings to new audiences with ease.  A key member of the FeedPlatform team was the premier ambassador in Europe to establish data feed management and optimisation within the price comparison channels and search, with Yahoo Site Submit and Google Products / Base (formerly Froogle). We have an in-depth understanding of technology and innovation within the digital arena which has benefited projects with start-ups, VC’s, and SME’s to International Corporations across many sectors, including well known brands as Microsoft, Nokia, Tele2, Tetra Pak, NH Hotels, Love Film etc.  Our overall aim is to improve your ROI across multiple distribution channels.

No Long Term Commitments

FeedPlatform is a month to month pay-as-you-go solution.  There are no long term contracts or agreements.  If you do decide to cancel, you will only be charged for the current month and will not be charged again.

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