FeedPlatform’s advanced feed management solution gives you the power to effectively manage all your feeds from one platform. It helps you obtain relevant traffic to your website from multiple distribution channels and save you costs by continual monitoring and optimisation. Central to our aim is to improve the quality of your feeds and increase your ROI.

Full visibility across your distribution channels enables you to optimise your feeds and make sure your data feeds are generating exposure in the most profitable areas for you. Our optimisation rules allow you to quickly and effectively remove poorly performing products from the multiple distribution channels, so you can ensure you are not wasting your resources. Alongside this we offer multiple feed optimisation tips designed to help you make the most of your marketing budget. There is no ‘one rule fits all’ in data feeds, and products / categories will perform differently based on their distribution channel. Export filtering allows you to precisely control and optimise which products and categories are available on which channel.


Optimisation Rules

Review auto business rules based on your requirements automatically optimising the performance of your feeds.


Product/Category Blocker

Ability to block under-performing products and categories per distribution channel.


Export Filtering

Full control over the export options for each feed – i.e. product larger than certain price, with certain stock level, feed filtering options for products and categories.

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