Once your feed is mapped to the FeedPlatform taxonomy you will have the opportunity to list on any of the 60+ distribution partners, alongside having the ability to create custom feeds for specific projects. Millions of shoppers flow through these channels on a monthly basis and open your site up to new audiences daily. In addition to this many of these actively market your products through online mediums such a PPC, SEO, Email etc.. By utilising these distribution channels you not only increase your digital footprint, but also have an outsource marketing channel for your products.

FeedPlatform offers a wealth of possibilites for exporting of your data feed to the distribution channels with full control over the export options for each individual feed and powerful feed filtering options for products and categories.



Campaign setup for target channel (CSE, Affiliates, Marketplaces, Custom etc..). Set up merchant account with channels. Custom Feeds – Ability to set up a custom feed layout.



We validate your feed against the engines taxonomy and offer tools to fix any errors with the ability to setup specific category matching if necessary.



Full control over the export options for each feed – i.e. product larger than certain price, with certain stock level, feed filtering options for products and categories. Include temporary promo/coupon options when appropriate. Setup feed generation options, eg. Daily, weekly, monthly.

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