Additional Features

FeedPlatform is web-based feed management solution that allows you to submit your data feeds to multiple channels within a simple and intuitive interface.

FeedPlatform takes the hassle away from you and allows you to consolidate your data feeds in one central location. FeedPlatform will help you to create a feed which covers all channel requirements, analyse its performance and optimise your feed to improve quality of your listing for each channel/engine and increase you return on investment (ROI).

In one simple-to-use interface you will be guided through the process of importing your products and setting up your feed – if you don’t have the time to spare, don’t worry! We can do this for you for a small one-off fee.

FeedPlatform has many advanced tools designed to save you time:


Automatic Product Import

Import products directly from your store. We support multiple shopping carts and this list is continually growing.


Optimisation Rules

Powerful business rules allow you to automatically block poorly performing products or mark them for future review.


Product Filters

Full control on which products you want to send to which channels based on any field in your data feed.


Auto Categorisation

Automatic mapping of your feed to the FeedPlatform master taxonomy


Powerful Reporting

Fully integrated reporting system offers total visibility of your feed performance



Seamless integration with your own analytics package including Google Analytics

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