Additional Features

FeedPlatform is web-based feed management solution that allows you to submit your data feeds to multiple channels within a simple and intuitive interface. FeedPlatform takes the hassle away from you and allows you to consolidate your data feeds in one central location. FeedPlatform will help you to create a feed which covers all channel requirements, […]


FeedPlatform’s advanced feed management solution gives you the power to effectively manage all your feeds from one platform. It helps you obtain relevant traffic to your website from multiple distribution channels and save you costs by continual monitoring and optimisation. Central to our aim is to improve the quality of your feeds and increase your […]


FeedPlatform’s full reporting suite gives you the ability to analyse and streamline your data feed marketing strategy. Click and conversion tracking allow you to pinpoint exactly how your feeds are performing across multiple distribution channels. Simply implement the FeedPlatform conversion tracking and enable click tracking to have full visibility on your campaigns, track your best […]


Once your feed is mapped to the FeedPlatform taxonomy you will have the opportunity to list on any of the 60+ distribution partners, alongside having the ability to create custom feeds for specific projects. Millions of shoppers flow through these channels on a monthly basis and open your site up to new audiences daily. In […]


Negotiating your feed data for the individual specifications of every feed distribution channel is a burden on resources for many companies. You need to know how often to send your data feeds, keep up to date with the changing data feed requirements, the differing fees of channels utilised and then implement and manage your data […]


FeedPlatform’s advanced technology is designed to save you time and money. Automatic tools allow you to efficiently manage your feeds in one central platform, from import, to mapping, to creation tracking and optimisation we will guide you through the process to ensure you are getting the best out of your marketing budgets. The first stage […]