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The FeedPlatform team have years of experience in data feed management and optimisation with the aim of increasing performance of online activities. FeedPlatform was developed to provide the worldwide online community with an easy to use system for businesses to create, optimise and analyse data feed activities to improve ROI.

Managing data feeds across multiple distribution channels – shopping engines, market places, affiliates, custom feeds etc – is a time consuming task, as each channel/engine has different data feed specifications with different data requirements. Like any search engine, understanding the different algorithms is somewhat of a mystery. In conjunction with the complexities of managing variable inventory levels and pricing promotions, it makes it difficult to be visible on these channels.

FeedPlatform was built to address these issues. FeedPlatform is a tool that simplifies the complexities of data feed marketing so that online retailers can easily and cost-effectively sell more. We make it possible for retailers to submit a single feed to us and allow our technology to take care of the work. FeedPlatform optimises and manages online retailers product data feeds and provides the retailer with the power and flexibility to be even more competitive.

Negotiating your feed data for the individual specifications of every feed distribution channel is a burden on resourecs for many companies. You need to know how often to send your data feeds, keep up to date with the changing data feed requirements, the differing fees of channels utilised and then implement and manage your data feed strategy – This can all be very daunting!!

In essence FeedPlatform enables companies to simplify listing and reporting for the multiple distribution channels, with optimisation rules to deliver effective visibility and in-turn sales.

The FeedPlatform interface enables retailers to access the sales opportunities of the multiple distribution channels without adding costly resources so as to ensure the best ROI.

The FeedPlatform team have been in the online technology and marketing industry for over 15 years, have been at the forefront of the Internet and involved in online since its conception and are some of the first people to enter the Search Landscape in Europe.  The team maintains an active and hands on approach with the strategic direction of client digital activities and projects.

A key member of the FeedPlatform team was the premier ambassador in Europe to establish data feed management and optimisation within the price comparison channels and search, with Yahoo Site Submit and Google Products / Base (formerly Froogle).  We have an in-depth understanding of technology and innovation within the digital arena which has benefited projects with start-ups, VC’s, and SME’s to International Corporations across many sectors, including well known brands as Microsoft, Nokia, Tele2, Tetra Pak, NH Hotels, Love Film etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any bespoke requirements you may have or wish to discuss.

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